Tuesday, June 25, 2013

CitySolveUrbanRace- anyone want to join me??

Ok so doesn't this look so fun!! I can't say that I know that much about Seattle (I'm not a native, ok) but the idea looks like a blast.

I've had a goal all spring to walk a half marathon.  I found out the other day that a friend of mine has been walking long distances too.  We are in this goal together now and our longest walk so far is 8 miles.  In fact, it felt so good and not quite hard- so I think that after 13.1 miles my next goal is 26.2!!  (Did you hear that Mary!)

Walking, let me remind you, not running, is my goal.  But the City Solver Urban Race is a mix of both: lots of walking, jogging, and running at times.  I think I can handle that and wear a crazy costume....who wants to join me??

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