Friday, May 24, 2013

Helping Mali, Africa

** Gigi, Yeah Samake, me

When we were in Utah last month, we had the opportunity to meet Yeah Samake from Mali, Africa.  Have you ever shook someone's hand and felt their love, intelligence, or their power?  Well, I felt all 3 from this man.

He comes from a family of 18 children-whew!- and humble beginnings in his village, to coming to America for college and now he's running for president of his country!

He was able to ward off a military coup that would have allowed Al Qaeda into his country (which malevolent force is trying to spread its evil to Africa).  Yeah is trying to teach his country that the president isn't about power, greed, and corruption.  He wants to show his people that he can rule with love, intelligence, and provide a legacy for their children of hospitals and schools.

I felt blessed to meet him.  He's travelling around the world meeting leaders of state, people like you and me, and anyone that can help his cause- to free his people from corruption, Al Qaeda, and lack of knowledge.  Go to for more info.  His election is being held in July this year, and I send my prayers to him and his country!

** please excuse they way I looked! We had short notice to this event and had to get to it immediately after our 14 hour drive.