Monday, February 25, 2013

Musicwise Studio Policy

Musicwise Studio Policy

17804 W. Country Club. Dr

Arlington, WA 98223


Mission: The primary purpose of the Musicwise Studio is to develop musically sensitive students in a positive and fun learning atmosphere offered through resources available in a multi-media studio.  Excellence, creativity, sharing, and self-esteem are stressed and valued.

I have high qualifications for teaching piano- studied under N. Texas professors, Barbara Brashear (Van Cliburn competitor), competed in multiple piano competitions, and have taught private and group lessons for 18 years.

1.   Monthly tuition is due by the first lesson of the month.

2.   Lessons are reserved for the student. If your student needs to miss please inform the teacher.

Group Lessons: because of different schedules, it’s not possible to give ‘make-up’ lessons.  There are no refunds for missed  lessons. Tuition is due for the whole month, regardless of being absent or sick. (However, please let Mrs. Leslie know when you are will be absent- she can assign work.)

Private Lessons: please give ample notice if your student will miss a lesson.  We will do make-up lessons.

3.   Some months have 5 lessons, it all works out for group lesson tuition.  Most school off days and holidays are observed.  You will receive an email if we have lessons. Private lessons, prorated for Holidays. Recitals and theory parties are included in tuition fees.

4.    Group lessons: 2 students- 45 min. lesson per week

                          3+ students- 1 hour lesson per week

 Private lesson: 30 min. lesson per week

5.   Assignments will be marked on each page for group lessons.  Private lessons, please bring a spiral notebook. For all lessons- bring all books to each lesson

6.   Lessons are from September – June.  A piano is required for practice.  After level 2, a full sized piano with a pedal is required.

7.   Suggested practice is 5 days a week, 30 min. a day.  A metronome is recommended.

8. If for some reason you need to terminate lessons or have a conflict during the Sept-June time period, policy is to give 30 days notice of any changes.  Thank you.  I treat teaching piano as my business.  

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