Monday, February 25, 2013

Essential oil- after workout rub

photo by drop of this

Essentail oils really work.  Here are a few people that I have helped recently.

One friend had a bad sinus infection: we made a mix of on guard, breath, and frankincense.  Infection gone in 4 days. Normally, with medication, takes 2-3 weeks to sort of get better.

A co-worker had gout. Yuck- one of the worst things.  Her blend: frankincense, wild orange, and melaleuca.  What a blessing, 3 days to heal.

My daughter has had pneumonia 3 years in a row.  This year none, because I diffuse wild orange, rub breathe on her chest, and on guard on her neck and spine.

I don't get sore throats because of 2-3 drops of wild orange in water every day.

My dog chews on himself until he bleeds.  I put a few drops of melaleuca on his spots.  Whammy! no more chewing.

need I say more?

In harmony,

(thanks +Venea, for the link)