Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Quality Food

photo by SMW

"I'll take the really crappy, poorest quality food," said no one ever! If money, time, or value were never a problem, every one would choose quality hands down ALL the time.  Right!  Quality should come first.

The Private Selection brand at Fred Meyer is quality and affordable quality food.  I was able to try their hand-cut bacon, triple berry frozen mix, and a pie from their bakery (not pictured).

All of the food was so yummy and was cheaper in price than all the competitors, plus you can tell the quality right away.

sorry for the blur  hot bacon cooking
For sure, I'm going to buy the private selection again at Fred Meyer.  Check out their ice cream, meats, and other products.  So good!

this post was sponsored by Fred Meyer Private Selection brand.  All the opinions above are my own.