Monday, March 24, 2014

Music Moment Monday

Ok, please don't judge me because of this week's Music Moment.  Read to the end because I do have a point.

Pierce got a haircut this week.  It was pointed out to me that MY hair is getting too long and maybe I should trim it.  After a little thought (and hours of going through old pictures of when my hair was shorter, a lot shorter) I dawned on my I should go really short, maybe even pixie short.

Gasp! It might be too drastic a change for some, but I've done it before, without tears.

Please vote on what you think would look best for me.
1) The mussed up look

2) Sassy yet conservative

3)  Short and business like

#3 has two pictures, but they are rather similar.  In fact, I think #1 is just a rocked up version of Mandy in #3.

Please vote in the comments to help me decide.  Thank you indeed as you know it's hard to make decisions in the hair department.