Thursday, January 9, 2014

PE usic!

I was substituting for a music class at an elementary school and whammy I found myself as the P.E. teacher, too.  This school has gotten creative.  They've combined P.E. and Music once a week into PEusic (say it like "pewsic").

They teach dancing- line dances, folk dances, square dancing- and spacial awareness with movement and music.  I was blown away at how much the two go together.  And get this!  Look around and the shorties you know today.  Do they understand spacial awareness like we did?  

I love this concept of teaching math (counting steps), dancing (body awareness), obeying the music and rhythm (listening for patterns and remembering what comes next).  I was blown away.

Of course, I couldn't take pictures of the kids, but I could take a picture of this cool cup tower we made after class was over!  I let them sing the cup song while they did it.  See below for a great version.

It really made my day to be a part of something so unique.  Does your school do anything like this with music?

In harmony,

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