Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas everyone! Fill this week with memories!

The Friday before Christmas we had a surprise at our house!  Surprises don't come easy at our house, hehe.  But Eden managed to slip under the radar and come home from Florida without us knowing it.  Love that my girl is home!  Wouldn't be the same without her!

We've spent so much time playing, visiting family and friends, ok, and eating that I haven't been on the computer until today.

At Christmas time we love to visit the Sheraton, downtown Seattle.  The Chefs there pull out all the stops making gingerbread houses.  This year's theme was "Nursery Rhymes".  The ship from the rhyme "I saw a ship a-sailing" (which is a lesser known, but adorable rhyme) won our hearts and eyes!  The details are amazing.  EVERYTHING is out of candy or food!

The Hiddle Diddle house was not even a close 2nd, it came in with a 1st and a half for me!  The imagination and skills put into this one lit up my brain!

Come back tomorrow to our version of a gingerbread house!  I know you can't wait!