Thursday, December 19, 2013

Elf on the Shelf

This is Boss Moss's Elf on the Shelf from the 1960's when he grew up.  My children and I claim that it is 'scary'.  Hence, we've never displayed it before.  You may thing that is scroogish- but if you were to walk through your house at 2 a.m. and see that face, what would you do?  I would probably scream!

If you've seen the popular book Elf on the Shelf, it can be a fun tradition.  This version even includes a skirt if you want to make your elf a 'she'!  Very appropriate for a house full of girls!

Now, if you are an elf-lover, you might get an elf costume to use on those special occasions- like a white elephant party at your mother-in-law's house.

Do you have an elf on the shelf tradition?  My mom always had us put our shoes by our door and put oranges in them in the morning.  She called it the good fairy, but we were never fooled.

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