Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday Music Video

Ok, so this is corny, but it does convey that missionaries (or even military for that matter) need communication and lots of it.

There's a new company out there to help with sending packages to missionaries, called MyMissionaryShipping.com. They ship especially to those missionaries in remote locations, which is where Madison went yesterday.  She arrived in Huancayo, Peru after a 12 hour bus ride that went through slow roads due to sheep and a climb of 12,000 feet.  That's as tall as Mt. Rainier!

Her district that was leaving together joked about who was either going to pass out or throw up first.  I bet Madison did neither, she has a steel stomach.  We can't wait to hear how it went this week!

If you need to use MyMissionaryShipping.com, go get a free quote, put in 'Leslie Moss' in the promo/coupon code box and we can help eachother, get $5 off.

Have a great week!