Sunday, October 6, 2013

What is General Conference for Mormons?

Every 6 months members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ALL around the world get together and watch their general leaders give sermons.  It lasts 2 days, with a total of 10 hours of sermon time.  Whew!  But it's the best 2 days of every 6 months.

Who are our leaders?  We have a modern  day prophet.  Yes, a prophet like Moses, Noah, or Jeremiah.  He has been called of God to lead and guide us.  Our prophet today is Thomas S. Monson.

We also have 12 Apostles.  They are also called of God.  Not elected, not picked by man, not self-appointed, but called from God.  They don't choose to do this job.

Our church is patterned after the original church set up by Christ himself.  Since 1830, Christ restored his Church on the earth again.  Please come and join us today to listen to a prophets voice.

In harmony,

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