Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Music Video

I have to thank my friends Elisabeth and Emily May for this one- because I already had a video for Tuesday Music Video in mind and this gem came my way.  Quote from Emily "there are no words for what you are about to see".
I totally agree Emily, but actually my opinionated self has a few words, because I can't help it.  I will put them in bullet fashion, if you will:
  1. The poor Norwegian singer took this too seriously
  2. If he's trying to recreate "Thriller"  sorry, but, M.J. is the beast on that one.
  3. Who holds a champagne glass while singing about animal sounds?
  4. My favorite part is "fish goes glub, and elephants say toot"  Gaphaw!!
  5. I still am dying to know what the fox says.

Are you speechless or do have too much to say about this video that I can't believe was ever made!
Tell me your favorite parts!!  Please!

(the sad thing is my kids will probably love this and make a video on their own recreating it!  Love you guys- you are so much fun!)