Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Surprises and Locks of Love

Rapunzel let down your hair


My girl Madison is showing some hutspa and confidence. 

She's been doing a Rapunzel thing, growing her hair down to her waist.  Her hair is lovely, but how manageable will it be in Peru??

 When I told her about back-to-school haircuts for the other kids, I expected her to decline because she's going for the longest hair record.  Surprise- she said 'sure'.

Me:  Are you just getting a trim?
Madison:  I'm getting a cut and a style.
Me:  Like a few inches and some layers kind of style?
Madison:  No, like taking a lot off and a style.
Me:  Are you getting bangs? Are you going to do Locks of Love?
Madison:  You'll see.


Madison likes to leave her mom hanging.  She had a plan in her mind before we hit the salon.  I usually stew for days over magazines or online and still can't make up my mind on a style.   Not my girl.  Madison was as cool as a cucumber, walked in, flipped open a hair style book, and pointed to a rather short haircut.  I don't think she'd EVER had her hair this short.  Reagan and I looked at each other and smiled!  This is going to be great.


Madison is prepping for 18 months in Peru, partial city life and partial life in villages- who knows what haircare will be like there.  Also, she's rounding the adulthood corner of becoming 21.  The world is wide open when you are 21.  She's taking it with a whole new look.

I'm proud of you Madison, not only for donating to Locks of Love, but taking a risk on a new look, and being so mature.  Your new doo ROCKS!!

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