Monday, August 26, 2013

Backpack trip August 2013

Dave and Marcia Warby, Moi, Reagan, and Natalie

Would you post pictures of yourself in full camping beauty mode?  Normally I wouldn't, but today I am- so brace yourself.  Everyone in our little group looks great,hm hm, except me, but I can't be prideful here.  This trip wasn't about me- it was about Miss Natalie Levesque.  She's an upcoming Senior at Arlington High School and she chose a 3 day backpacking trip  to the back side of Mt. Pilchuck for her senior project.  No SMALL task.  Plus, she had to have a mentor and chaperone- so that's why there are 3 'old' people with her.

See that cascade of rocks behind us?  Take a few strides to the left and there was another 'waterfall' of rocks that went up about 1000 feet.  I went 30 feet of it and said 'nuh-uh'- not today.  It took total ninja rock climbing skills to get up to the top of that mountain to see Bath Tub lakes.  

You might have noticed the gun on Dave's hip.  Ooh, guns!  We are ok with guns in our family and so are the Warby's so despite the fact that Natalie had bear spray handy, we thought a gun would be a sure thing!  Don't you agree?  We didn't see any wildlife though, except jumping fish in Pinnacle Lake.  However, after we shot a few rounds of the gun, and Dave had to jump in the lake after tin cans he'd put holes in, the fish were totally scared away.  

Pinnacle Lake

The hike up to Pinnacle Lake took about 1.5 hours and was moderately hard.  Steep is a better word.  I kept thinking we were at the top and 'almost' there and then we would have to climb some more.  Maybe it was the 35+pound pack that made it seem longer.  I've never hiked with a pack so, this was new territory for me.  Did you take a look at the rocks on the right side of the picture here??  When you come to the lake you jump for joy!!  Then you realize that to camp you have to go around the lake to where we are standing now.  The only viable 'path' is on the rocks, with your pack, using really tired sore legs to get to the camp spot.  It was hard.  Really hard, because it took another half hour and there really isn't a path, just rocks that you climb over and you are afraid you'll fall in the lake with a pack strapped to you every step of the way.  But, I like to live on the edge. (Kidding!)

Moi in camping glory

The weather was glorious until the last morning.  Everything was soaked that morning.  But in this picture you can see that we made a fabulous fire with a tree that I hauled over.  No one left us a bundle of kindling or cut up firewood so this was our solution.  Natalie planned yummy meals and fun games.  I really did enjoy the challenging hike, even though I almost fell in the lake and bruised my thigh pretty bad.  Battle wounds!  Too bad I can't show them to you!

Thanks Natalie for bringing us along.  You will get an "A" on your senior project, I know it.  I learned a lot about back packing trips.  They aren't for the faint of heart- but I would do it again.  The scenery is amazing, being in nature makes you feel close to God, and having good friends around is always a treasure.  Can't wait for the next trip!


  1. glad to see Dave open carrying! Maybe someday I'll see him at Wal-Mart with it on. Sounds like a fun trip, I'd like to do some backpacking once Sullivan is a little older.

    1. Reagan was in for a treat when she got to shoot. That was her first time!