Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Africa and Reagan part 2

excited to be on the way to Kenya- LONNNG plane ride

Reagan flew from Seattle to Washington, D.C. to Zurich, Switzerland then to Mombasa, Kenya.  It took almost 2 days to get there.  The expedition group arrived around midnight so they had to figure out quick whether to sleep or stay awake- oooh, can we say jet lag????!!!!

This is the compound where they stayed.  Very nice!

Here is the sleeping area for the compound.  Those lovely nets aren't interior design luxuries;  oh, no- they are a must to keep away bugs and nasty diseases that foreigners don't want to get.

This is the kitchen in the compound.  Very simple?  Yes, because they eat almost the same foods every day.  

Here is a village.  Reagan is wearing what is called a Kanga.  It's a long piece of cloth that women wrap around their legs.  Kenya is very traditional- men wear pants and women wear skirts or dresses.