Saturday, June 8, 2013

Piano Recital

photo by Rocio Montero
Piano recitals can be exhilarating or boring.  I have to humbly reply that this one was the latter and it was fantastic.  I felt electricity in the air- there was a freshness about all the students performances and an added measure of maturity in their playing. 

In this photo, I am playing with an ensemble- meaning 4 people playing at once.  I stepped for a student who hadn't been able to practice with us for a while.  They all did great.  My son, Pierce, is even in there on the left (with the 'high waters'- he won't stop growing). 

My students should be very proud of the hard work last night.  The solos were amazing, the duets were stellar, and hardly anyone messed up!  And, some came with solos memorized without telling me!!

Thanks for another great year.  This wraps up 18 years of teaching piano.

In harmony,

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