Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Essential oil- Oregano

Oregano is so unusual.  My go-to oils are wild orange, breathe, on guard, and peppermint!

But I've been hearing about Oregano lately.  It's great when you feel the flu is coming on and for sore throats.  And, read here about how this oil can help your chickens- you lucky people that have them (I really want backyard chickens but can't in my neighborhood).

My husband took it straight in water and didn't work for him.  I'll have to get him gel capsules next time.  But I'm a straight kind of person ( I can handle straight, pure cranberry juice! Oh, yeah!).

So enjoy some oils- on the bottom of your feet, or around your neck, in some water!  It's an everyday regime.  Gotta love it!

In harmony,