Saturday, March 23, 2013


This is Bono.  He is a Dog Rock Star. He knows his place- in Dad's chair.  He loves to get the party started, sing, and kiss (as in licking you all over your face, especially when you AREN't in the mood for dog licks!).  Bono is a dog you can count on making your happy.

In fact, we didn't plan on getting a dog or puppy.  We were picking up our daughter from her ultimate frisbee game on our way to Fred Meyer to get a new BBQ, since ours had given up the ghost.

On the way to the frisbee field, we saw a sign nailed to a post.  You know, like a white paper plate type sign, with the words "Bichon puppies for sale" hand written on them.  My husband and I looked at each other and said " Let's take a detour.  We're early anyway to pick up daughter #3."  The other kids in the car seemed surprised but know to not question their parents antics.

Scene 1: arrive at owners of Bichon frisee puppies home.  We ask to see puppies.  Owner gets gleam in their eye and says "I'll be back in a moment".  We wait at door for awhile.  Owner carries the cutest marshmellow I've EVER seen and a few other walking marshmellows follow him.  All of us take turns holding the cutest marshmellow which cuddles with us, licks our face, burries his nose in our armpit, and uses its little marshmellow eyes to say 'I love you forever'.  It was the kiss of death.

We politely said we had to go and walked to our car in a slightly drugged fashion.

Scene 2:  [ discussion in car]
"Do you want a dog?"
"I don't know, we haven't really talked about it."
kids: " Yes, let's get him.  He's so cute."
Us: "Oh, alright. Let's get him."

Scene 3: [pick up daughter #3, go to bank, return for dog]
All of us:  " Yeah, he's the best dog ever, let's go spend a wad on dog toys!"

As you can see, the owner beguiled us and put a spell on us.  We never held the other puppies:  Only Bono and he has the personality to fit our family.

Bono is now 18 months old.  He sleeps in the laundry room- his little space.  In fact most nights he puts himself to bed.

He eats Canidae food and likes anything we drop on the floor.

My daughter #2 works at a fudge shop.  One time she brought home a whole bag of the bad stuff and left in on the table.  We have a rule that you have to push in your chair or else Bono will get on the table.  Well, she didn't follow the rule.  And, Bono got on the table and ate the entire contents of the bag.

That night, I woke up to hear what sounded like an old man wailing.  Poor Bono sounded like and old man with a very sick stomach.  When I checked on him, he'd thrown up the fudge and was still moaning.

Bono can jump very high.  I am 5'8 and he can jump up to chest high on me.  One time my niece was holding a chip out in front of her while she was talking, waving it around with her gestures.  Bono jumped up and grabbed it while she was in mid sentence.  Hey, if your not going to eat it, it's fair game.

Bono loves to run around the garden while I weed.  However, when I spread fertilizer he likes to run through it- not so pretty on a white dog.  But we love him anyway.

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