Thursday, October 3, 2013

Test Your Health

This weekend, to keep my mind off Madison, and because I want my family to eat the best we can, I spent most my time in the kitchen.  I canned 10 quarts of pure, organic grape juice, 4 batches of grape pulp fruit leather, 1 batch of apple butter, and 4 batches of dehydrated apples. 

It was fun, exhilirating, and a bit chaotic (I did forget to take my daughter to a Dr. appointment on Friday afternoon- oops.  I haven't done that in years!)  But just knowing that I'm storing up these homemade, from scratch foods made me feel like a good mom. (When you have lots of teenagers in the house-no matter how good the kids are- there are bound to be moments when a parent needs a reminder that they are trying their best).

Anyway, I'm happy with my healthy food loot.  It made me think about my food journey.  I've always been a healthy eater, but I haven't always gone about it the right way.  Not all of it is my fault.  Media and advertising play a big part in a the standard american diet.  However, I haven't been away from that for a long time now. I'll continue my healthy food journey later.

One of my favorite sites, Green Smoothie, has a simple health test. Go here to take the test.  My score was 92 out of 100.  I'd like to increase it to 100% over the next 6 months and lose a little weight.  What is your score??

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